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Interpreting Sire Proofs for Linear Type Traits

Milk Analysis

12 Steps For Representative Sample

Feed Margin

Per Cow, Per Hectolitre, or Per kg Milk Fat: Which is the best indicator…

Milk Analysis

How does a BactoScan™ work?

Robotic Milking

Concentrates at the Robot: Two is good, but three is better!

Milk Recording

Are we aware of the power of data and digital technology?

Authors in the category

Liliana Fadul, Ph.D
Bruna Mion, Ph.D
Dominique Maxime, Ph.D
Elouise Molgat, D.M.V.
Hannah Sweett, Ph. D.
Jean-Marc Neilson
Simon Jetté-Nantel, Ph. D.
Laura Solano, DVM., Ph. D.
Mazen Bahadi, Ph. D.
Rodrigo Molano, Ph. D. – PostDoc
Daniel Warner
Allison Fleming, Ph. D.
Neil Petreny
Débora Santschi, agr., Ph. D.
Geneviève Clermont
Mario Séguin, agr.
René Roy, agr.
René Lacroix, ing. Ph. D.
Jeff Gunn, M. Sc.
Jean-Philippe Laroche, agr., M. Sc.
Isabelle Morin, D.M.V., Cert. LAM
Gervais Bisson, agr.
François Labelle, agr.
Daniel Lefebvre, agr., Ph. D., PAS, Dipl. ACAN
Brian Van Doormaal