About Us

Lactanet is a farmer-run organization serving Canadian dairy producers from coast-to-coast. 

We provide Canadian dairy farmers with the tools necessary to help them succeed, overcome challenges and sustain global leadership for the future. Our team is comprised of 450 people dedicated to providing products and services to more than 8,000 dairy farms across Canada.


Lactanet is the premier source of information and innovative solutions for dairy farmers and industry partners.


To be the leading provider of herd management solutions and knowledge to support the development of a prosperous and sustainable Canadian dairy industry.







What does the name Lactanet mean or stand for?

The word ‘Lacta’ has its origin from milk/dairy and ‘net’ represents the network of dairy organizations that form the partnership, or that may join in the future.  ‘Net’ also reflects technology and information (like internet, intranet, etc) of the services offered.  When put together, Lactanet is a bilingual name that paves the way for an innovative inspiring future.