Apps & Software

Lactanet is the central dairy data storage, development and processing site in Canada, which makes it one of the largest dairy data processing centre in North America. Our goal is first and foremost to simplify your herd management by providing you with quality data. 

Thanks to our reports, tools and applications, you can make informed decisions to reach your production goals. 

Herd Management

Looking for a herd management tool designed to improve herd productivity, save you time and have instant pay-back?

The Lactanet Mobile app brings you powerful cow-side technology to help keep tabs on all of your animals. It’s quick and easy to use with customization features that support your management style on-the-go.

DairyComp is the most advanced software solution in the industry that offers unlimited analysis and reporting capabilities. It is a complete decision-making tool for any size dairy operation.

Lac-T is a user-friendly software designed for producers and contributors allows a unique data entry and exchanges between all contributors in the sector. The Lac-T Mobile application allows dairy producers to enter more quickly and easily their herd data.  

Feed Management

From the developers of DairyComp, FeedWatch is a proven feed management software system designed for performance, productivity, and instant pay-back.

Genetics Management

Compass is an interactive guide to genetics and profitability. By looking at past genetic trends and setting a breeding strategy, you can maximize your herd’s profitability.

Compass is brought to you by Holstein Canada and Lactanet, with Zoetis Canada as a supporting partner.

Data Transfert

The Ori-Automate software allows data sharing between the automated milking system software on the farm and our milk recording database.

The software gives you several benefits, for example when you set up an automated system, change a milking software or transfer your milk recording data on test day.

Traceability Management


DairyTrace is a livestock traceability program conceptually designed by dairy producers for farmers and agri-business affiliates.  It’s a one-stop-shop to make every aspect of traceability convenient and easy, while adhering to mandatory government regulations and industry proAction® requirements.

Online Growth Monitoring Tool

For Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

Our free Online Growth Monitoring Tool allows dairy producers and contributors to monitor the heifer’s growth and foresee the best moment of service.