DairyComp Herd Management Software

As the world’s largest trusted herd management software system, DairyComp makes your job easier for quick accurate decision making and convenient mobile access when working cow-side. DairyComp has the power to capture and track herd information related to milk production, health, reproduction, genetics, heifer raising, matings, and more.

All DairyComp users enjoy access to our team of excellent staff. Support is available on-site, toll-free, or via remote internet access. 

Peace of Mind​

From calf and heifer raising to dry-off and tag retirement, DairyComp has it all.

  • Modern intuitive dashboard on desktop and app
  • Data sharing options for advisors
  • Reliable record keeping for farm audits
  • Fast easy data entry and auto report creation
  • Generates daily/weekly task lists
  • Health and treatment monitoring
  • Pedigree and breeding management
  • Semen and inventory tracking
  • Easy traceability reporting for proAction®
  • Customized set-up and preloaded herd data
  • Updated regularly to keep pace
  • Mobile responsive with RFID scan technology
  • Secure data backup
  • Built for information exchange

The DairyComp Advantage


Save Time

The right software system not only houses valuable information that supports protocols, saves money and ultimately leads to better management - but it also reduces paperwork!


Boost Herd Performance

Receive easy to understand information and improve decision making for profitability, production, reproduction, animal health and heifer raising. A host of herd analysis tools examine the economics and performance for an effective action plan.



Cloud-based technology provides access from a desktop in the barn office or cow-side on your mobile device - anytime, anywhere! Data is automatically backed-up off-site in real time.



Imagine, shared data between on-farm systems - such as parlours, robots, and activity monitoring systems - to one convenient software platform that collects the information you need for optimum herd management.


Working Smarter

No matter your management style, software features and data output can be customized. From the Registration module to the Trace module, electronic automated reporting to breed associations and the national traceability database is simplified.


Expert Support

From technical help to training, users enjoy access to our knowledgeable friendly support staff - available on-site, toll-free, or via remote internet access.

Two Software Options to Suit Your Dairy Operation

DairyComp product and pricing is based on herd size and which of the two options meet your needs.

1. DairyComp (DC)

Every DC product includes the following features to ensure that you and your team have full access, anywhere – anytime:

  • Pocket Cow Cards
  • DairyComp Clients
  • DairyComp Shadows
  • Mobile App & Cloud Platform

2. DairyComp Interfaces (DCI)

DCI includes all the features of DC plus extras to integrate with third-party software and technologies, such as milk meters, robots and/or activity systems.  There may be a nominal set-up fee to install the various interfaces to allow the automated systems to talk to one another.

Options and Add-ons

DairyComp Advisor
Advisors, such as veterinarians, nutritionists, and AI technicians can access complete herd information and enter data for optimum consultation.
DairyComp Analyzer
DairyComp Analyzer provides all of the same analysis features as the Advisor version, without the ability to enter herd data.
Pocket CowCard (PCC)
If you are enjoying DairyComp 305 and would like to expand its’ functionality on your mobile device, but are not able to have the platform app implemented due to internet restrictions, we can help. Pocket CowCard is an option that allows access to your DairyComp information on mobile devices, which can then be synchronized with your DairyComp program. There are multiple package options available, including integration with an RFID tag scanner.

Get Started with DairyComp

If you would simply like to know more or you’re not sure which version is right for you, we will answer all your questions and guide you through the selection process.

To get started, simply contact us or fill in our on-line Request Form and our DairyComp support staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Video Tutorials

We have developed a comprehensive DairyComp video library addressing popular topics, how to perform key tasks, and how to analyze your data to help make strategic management decisions.