DairyComp On-Site Training Events

Want to learn more about what DairyComp can do for you?

Thank you for your interest in our training events!

They have finished for this year, but we’ll be on the road again soon. Stay tuned for updates, or contact our support team to learn more.

Our in-person training events will feature presentations by Dr. Wayne Shewfelt, DVM and Lactanet software specialist Jeromy Ten Hag, and will share data insights from thousands of Canadian farms and describe how the interpretations can be used on-farm to help guide more effective management decisions.  

Along with this in-depth data breakdown, descriptions of how DairyComp can be used to manage your data more effectively will be featured.  

There will also be a session on the tools and features of DairyComp and VAS Pulse (DairyComp’s Cloud platform) that make data recording easier and show you make more effective use of the recorded information.       

Members of the DairyComp support team will be available to answer any questions you may have about your DairyComp program.