Data Transfer with Ori‑Automate

The Ori-Automate software allows data sharing between the automated milking system software on the farm and our Vision2000 milk recording database. 

Ori-Automate minimizes manual data entry!


By limiting manual data entry, the software gives you several benefits, for example when you set up an automated system, change a milking software or transfer your milk recording data on test day.  

Moreover, the software allows you to collect valued milk recording information in your milking software, such as the milk components and SCC. You thus get even more information to help you manage your herd!   

Here are some examples of data you could transfer thanks to Ori-Automate: 

  • Milk weight at each milking session, date or hour
  • Animals’ in and out dates
  • Various herd management events, such as:
    • calvings
    • dry offs
    • heats
    • etc.

Hassle-Free Installation

The installation is handled by the Lactanet IT Support Team.

Internet access and the “TeamViewer” software are required in order to remotely install Ori-Automate.

Sales and Support

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Contact our Customer Service Department to transfer to Ori‑Automate.