Herd Management with Lactanet Mobile

The Lactanet mobile app brings you powerful cow-side technology to help keep tabs on all of your animals. It’s quick and easy to use with customization features that support your management style on-the-go.

Anytime, Anywhere

  • 24/7 access to herd data and reports
  • Intuitive herd summary dashboard
  • Responsive to your mobile device
  • Automatic data updates from Lactanet
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Available at the App Store or on Google Play
Download the App


Contact us to activate and receive login details. 

A low monthly administrative fee applies for use. 

An internet connection via WiFi or data is required from your mobile device. Service fees from your internet provider are not included.

Features overview


Monitor Performance

Navigate colourful charts and graphs on your herd in just two clicks. A proven time-saver for retrieving test day results, production, SCCs, milk values, and lactation history.


Breeding Decisions

Access direct links to Lactanet genetics (formerly CDN) and Holstein Canada to quickly look-up genetic and pedigree information for improved decision-making.


Cow Profiles

View individual animal profiles, sort cow and heifer records, and analyze data to determine which animals require attention.


Identify Trends​

Review 25 key measures on your dashboard and swipe through trend visuals to quickly identify variations in the herd or specific group.



Choose what you want displayed and how you want to sort your herd inventory to view data that is most relevant to you and your management style.



Share herd data in real-time with your team and advisors, with multi-user set-up and authorized permission access.



Experience peace of mind with our secure server and off-site storage in the event that your phone goes missing, or is damaged and information needs to be recovered quickly.

Reasons to Get Mobile DHI

“In just two clicks I can easily study the graphics denoting herd trends, have the latest test day data at my fingertips, and compare notes with staff and consultants about areas to work on.” 
– Harm Kelly, Kelly Creek Dairy, Dunnville, Ontario

“The mobile app is a quick, go-to resource for production and herd information. We reference which cows are the highest producers, and equally important in making decisions, which ones are the lowest.”
– Andrew Campbell, Bellson Farms, Strathroy, Ontario

“It’s a great tool to have in my back pocket.  From production and test day results to breeding and genetics, I can conveniently track progress or see problems right on my phone.” 
– Lorenz Guntensperger, Guntensperger Dairy Inc, Seaforth, Ontario