February to March 2022
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Robot Feed Margin: Findings and Feeding Strategies

Learn how to improve your feed costs at the robot. 

DateFebruary to March 2022
Designed for: Dairy producers and industry advisors
Duration: 2 hours
Format: On-line via Zoom (link to follow registration)

You can either book your place directly with your advisor or technician or call our customer service department.

About the Workshop

Our Discussion

  1. What portion of your costs are attributed to the price of feed, proteins and minerals?
  2. What are the economic impacts related to the quantity of feed you give your cows at the robot?
  3. Is feed served at the beginning of lactation a cost factor?
  4. What is the impact of the suggested feeding strategies?

What we suggest you bring with you:

  1. Feed margin
  2. Your experience with feeding strategies at the robot


Catherine Cross, agr.,
Strategic Advisor,
Robot Expertise Leader

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