January to February 2022
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Sustainable and Profitable, It’s Possible!

The Meaning of Sustainability Has Changed

The conscious farmer of today is concerned with their impact on the environment, animal care, waste, working conditions, human wellness, workforce shifts, and business models. This goes beyond the traditional meaning of sustainability. Today, the new sustainability is something we all need to invest in and we have a tool for that. Attend our FREE Sustainable and Profitable webinar and sign-up for the workshop series.

Access Our Free Webinar

Date: January 12, 2022

  1. What is the Sustainability Index?
  2. How does it impact profitability?

Free Webinar
Join us for our webinar on
January 12, 2022.

On-Line Workshop Series

Learn how the new Sustainability Index can help you achieve greater peace of mind.

DateJanuary to February 2022
Designed for: Dairy producer and industry advisors
Duration: 2 hours
Format: On-line via Zoom (link to follow registration)

The registration period will open soon. You can either book your place directly with your advisor or technician or call our customer service department.

About the Workshop​

Our Discussion

  1. The Sustainability Index and return on investment
    1. Understand the Sustainability Index on-farm
  2. What is the life cycle of your herd?
    1. Identify strengths and limiting factors?
    2. Key practices to improve the Sustainability Index on your farm
  3. Beyond the barn: what influences the life cycle of your herd?

What will be discussed in more detail… 

  1. Sustainability index
  2. Annual calf mortality rate (0-24 h)
  3. Management Index
  4. Urea
  5. SCC
  6. Annual milk fat (kg)
  7. Average age at first breeding
  8. Number of cows in their third + lactation
  9. Percentage of involuntary culling
    … and much more!


Karen Bergeron, agr., M. Sc.
Strategic Advisor

Andrée-Anne Gingras, agr., M. Sc.
Strategic Advisor

Steve Adam, agr.
Dairy Production Expert in Comfort and Welfare

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