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Tools to manage your genetic information​

1. Animal Query

The Animal Query tool helps users search and access genetic information for animals of interest. There are two ways to query animals: individually or by group.

Individual Query

Individual Query users can search animals by name, registration number, semen code, or tattoo. Entering just your herd prefix when searching by name will provide a list of all your registered animals, whether you still own them or not.

Group Query

Group Query users can use the Quick Search option to view and filter top male and Canadian-owned females for each breed. The Advanced Search tool provides several more filtering options.

2. Genetic Evaluations

Lactanet publishes Genetic Evaluations for each of seven dairy breeds for over 100 different traits and indexes. The official genetic evaluation for Canadian genotyped animals is the most valuable tool available today to select superior bulls and cows as parents of the next generation.

National Selection Indexes:

Lifetime Performance Index

Bulls and cows in Canada receive a value for Lifetime Performance Index (LPI), which reflects the performance that can be expected during the lifetime of future daughters. The specific LPI formula for each dairy breed varies but always includes three components, namely Production, Durability, and Health & Fertility.


Pro$ is an economic-based selection index that allows producers to improve the lifetime profitability of the dairy herd. Pro$ values allow direct comparison of sires to easily understand the expected differences in lifetime profit of their daughters.

3. Inbreeding Calculator

The Inbreeding Calculator provides inbreeding levels and Parent Averages (PA) for potential progeny from various matings, putting genetic information at your fingertips to facilitate the mating decision process.

4. Compass

Compass is a free online tool that helps Canadian producers make profitable breeding decisions. Compass is unique as it uses your individual herd data to calculate and suggest unbiased sire usage options that best align with management goals. Using the most up-to-date genetic information, Compass can customize and apply specific criteria and producers can also have a comprehensive view of their data within five different modules:

  • Past Breeding Success
  • Herd Genetics
  • National Indexes
  • Strategy and Profitability
  • Bull List
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Opportunity to Learn

Genomics 101

Genomic information is used to help an animal reach its full potential and increase the rate of genetic improvement. DNA genotyping is important to the entire industry as each genomic test performed increases the accuracy of information, especially for young bulls, heifers, and cows. In Canada, over 60,000 dairy females are genotyped per year. With this data, genomic evaluations are then calculated to measure an animal’s genetic merit for a particular trait to support sound breeding decisions.


Publications and eNews

From articles and eNews to our renowned Open Industry Session (OIS), Lactanet offers producers, partners, and stakeholders various ways to engage, network, learn and keep abreast of dairy production knowledge. For all our genetics enthusiasts, a special Genetics Edition of our Dairy Knowledge eNews is released quarterly.