Reproductive Performance of your Dairy Cows

Reproductive performance is vital to all successful dairy operations and the earlier pregnancy is detected the better.

GestaLab Milk Pregnancy Test

Milk pregnancy testing is an easy, fast and affordable option for confirming pregnancies in your herd. Achieve higher pregnancy rates, optimum calving intervals and reduce days open by detecting open cows quickly and returning them to service.

Accurate and Cost-effective

The GestaLab pregnancy test can be processed during routine milk recording or between tests at your convenience. Using ELISA laboratory technology, the test is highly accurate and measures the level of pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) present in a milk sample. 

Cow Pregnancy Results

GestaLab reports and test results are easy to understand. You can test as early as 26 days post-breeding. Most producers will perform a confirmation test (re-check) between 40 and 80 days and some will test pre-dry-off and avoid a costly open dry cow surprise.

Assessing the reproductive performance of your dairy cows

The assessment of the reproductive success of your herd should be based on objective data analysis. From the data provided in the milk recording reports, our dairy production advisors and technicians can assess the situation and monitor the various reproductive parameters of your herd. With your authorization, this data will also become available to your team of key collaborators, including your veterinarian.

Milk pregnancy testing is an easy, fast and affordable option for confirming pregnancies.

Compass is an interactive guide to genetics and profitability.

By looking at past genetic trends and setting a breeding strategy, you can maximize your herd’s profitability. 

On-farm services in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

A wide range of factors can influence the reproductive performance of your dairy cows.

Whether it’s adjusting your feed plan, reviewing transition management or even improving barn comfort, we have the expertise to offer specific solutions that will contribute to a successful reproduction strategy for your herd.

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