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The foundation for dairy herd improvement for a thriving herd.

Milk Recording

Genetic guidance to help with breeding decisions.

Genetic Evaluations

State-of-the-art laboratories to give you information and answers.

Lab Analysis
Quatre laboratoires à la fine pointe de la technologie pour analyser vos échantillons de lait.
La référence pour tout ce qui a trait à la génétique des bovins laitiers au Canada.
Services génétiques
Des informations pertinentes et actualisées sur les principaux aspects de la gestion des troupeaux.
Applications et logiciels
Des outils et applications pratiques pour améliorer la gestion de votre troupeau.
Applications et logiciels

Upcoming Events and the Latest News

The genetic evaluations of April 2024 are online, don’t wait any longer, and discover them now!

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Celebrating Excellence in Canadian Dairy

View our top lists and watch the video recording revealing Canada’s Best Managed Dairy Herds for 2023.

Lactanet: 2023 Highlights and What's Ahead for 2024

Our commitment to serve our customers and the dairy community is unwavering and we’re excited to showcase dairy statistics, our accomplishments, and what’s ahead for dairy producers in 2024. 

Milk Recording

Improve the profitability of your dairy farm and ensure its sustainability.

Genetic Services

Discover the latest in dairy genetics and genetic evaluations for all dairy breeds in Canada.

Lab Analysis

Our labs test your samples and offer you key information to help manage your herd.

Advisory Services

On-farm consulting to help you make the best business decisions.

Centre of Expertise

Explore the latest trends and developments in dairy production.


Report dairy cattle traceability events and order animal tags.