Chemical and Microbiological Reference Results for Milk Analysis

Our laboratories are audited by the Standards Council of Canada according to the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard and have been serving plants and laboratories in Canada, the United States and South America for over 25 years. They comply with the strictest quality requirements and are regularly part of international proficiency tests. 

Our expertise helped us become the only provider of raw milk standards in Canada.  

Calibration Kits​​

We offer kits to calibrate your analyzers in operation. Our calibration kits are made from raw milk, homogenized milk or cream that we analyzed first for one or many of the following components: fat, crude protein, true protein, casein, total solids, lactose, BHB urea and somatic cells. 

Kits for chemical analyses:

  • 1 to 14 samples, according to the kit
  • Prepared twice a month

Kits for somatic cell analysis:

  • 3 samples
  • Prepared once a month

4 kits, prepared once a month:

  • 4 samples with a fat level of 10, 15, 35 and 40%
  • 8 samples ranging from 5 to 40%
  • 4 samples ranging from 5 to 20%
  • 4 samples ranging from 25 to 40%

Kits for chemical analyses:

  • 6 samples
  • Prepared once a month

Reference results​​

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