Milk Recording & Analysis

Milk recording is a tool for dairies to help with decision making and overall herd management. The collection and analysis of production data is fundamental to improving profitability and long-term sustainability of your dairy operation.

As the Centre of Expertise for dairy production and gatekeepers of dairy data, we ensure that milk recording services provide you with reliable information to track the progress of both individual animals and your whole herd.

How to access your results

Lactanet provides several ways for you to access your results based on your preference and you can also choose to receive them in multiple formats.

*Users are responsible for an internet connection, any data usage, and WiFi charges from their service provider.

Why milk record?

  • Easy, affordable and convenient
  • Quick accurate results
  • Boost performance
  • Measure progress
  • Understand profit values
  • Improve milk quality
  • Minimize production loss
  • Enable benchmarking
  • Identify bottlenecks and opportunities
  • Reach herd goals faster
  • Manage treatment plans
  • Promote wellness
  • Reduce antimicrobial resistance
  • Receive valuable reports
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Achieve greater control and predictability
  • Own publishable records
  • Receive a herd management score
  • Deepen perspective
  • Provide information to advisors

Understand your herd from the inside out



From monitoring feeding and quota management, to culling and breeding, quality information can impact your results by helping you make the best decisions possible.


SCC & Udder Health

Improve udder health and reduce SCC by identifying cows with an elevated SCC and high bulk tank SCC contribution or practice selective dry cow treatments.


Health & Disease

Manage animal health and disease prevention by testing from one single milk sample to protect, control, and enhance the productive life of your herd.


Herd Value

Determine which animals are the most profitable based on milk yields and components, as well as identify which sires contribute most to the rate of genetic gain.



Improve profitability using milk data to determine which cows are costing you the most money to remove unproductive stock and advance your herd.



Achieve higher pregnancy rates, shorter calving intervals and reduce days open by detecting open cows quickly and test for pregnancy in as early as 26 days.

Better decisions faster

Lactanet offers flexible milk recording options based on your herd management needs and budget. Contact us to talk about the best solution for your farm.

Milk recording options

*in accordance to National Industry Standards
    Option #1: Milk Recording for Publishable Records & Herd Management Option 2: Milk Recording for Information Essential for Herd Management
1 Status Data is officially recognized by breed associations, the dairy industry, and for management decisions Data is not officially recognized by the dairy industry and is used primarily for management decisions
2 Genetic Evaluations Qualifies for official genetic evaluations and indexes Qualifies for unofficial genetic evaluations
3 Herdbook Registrations Mandatory by breed associations (minimum of 80% of 1st  lactation females) Optional
4 Tests per Year Minimum of eight (8) 24-hour or ten (10) AM-PM tests per year Minimum of six (6) tests per year
5 Supervision Options   We assist: Lactanet Customer Service Representative supervision and sample collection required for half the tests, or through automated systems (robots) Three Options: Collect samples yourself, through your robot, or have a Lactanet Customer Service Representative assist
6 Timely Information Data is available in 48 hours or less from receipt of milk samples Data is available in 48 hours or less from receipt of milk samples
7 Recognition Celebrate your results and get recognized by official and management industry renown award programs in Canada (i.e. Herd Management Score, Master Breeder) Celebrate your results and get recognized by management industry renown award programs in Canada (i.e. Herd Management Score)
8 Animal ID All animals must be double tag with unique animal ID as per National Traceability program.

Tailored options for your robot

At Lactanet, we service 110,000+ dairy cows in robotic milking systems in over 900 herds across Canada, and it continues to grow. Our robot customers enjoy the best of both worlds – option 1 or option 2 – depending on the service they value. Information can be transferred from an automated milking system to support this process.

eDHI Complements On-farm Technologies

As automated milking systems and the use of integrated sensors continues to grow, our eDHI service is ideal for farms that do not wish to participate in routine milk recording with the collection of milk samples, yet wish to enjoy the benefits that milk recording has to offer – all at a reduced cost to your operation. Discover eDHI.

Milk sample testing for farms not on milk recording

If you are not on a routine milk recording service, you can still submit one or more milk samples at any time for one or more analyses. Our lab services offer quick and convenient sample analysis.  If you require assistance with sampling or collection equipment, we can help! 

Milk sample collection schedule

Once you decide on the milk recording option that is best for you, the next step is to determine the milk sample collection schedule.

24 HourAM/PM (AP)3-Times Per Day Milking
  • Milk samples from each milking animal
  • Milk weights and herd event data recorded at all milkings during a 24-hour period (i.e. 2x, 3x)
  • Milk sample from each milking animal
  • Milk weights and herd event data from one milking , alternating between AM and PM at each test date
  • Use of timing device mandatory for Publishable records
  • Options for customers who are milking either individual cows, small numbers, or the entire herd three times a day

Having trouble selecting the service package that is right for you?