Milking robots and pastures: more compatible than we think!

Milking robots are typically associated with herds confined in a barn. However, it is possible to do things differently.

This is what I am demonstrating with several examples in my conference “Les pâturages et les robots de traite” delivered during the 2019 Hay day of the Conseil québécois des plantes fourragères (CQPF).

In this presentation (in french only), the video of which is below, I talk about the main practices to implement in order to achieve a high number of milkings while having a good consumption of grass. We also recap the basic practices of pasture management.

So with proper management, the cows come to associate the milking robot with access to a new patch of grass. The more new grass patches they get, the more they have access to the robot.

Do you have milking robot projects that include pastures or do you want to improve your management strategy with your current installation?

The video of my presentation offers you some possible solutions. Do not hesitate to contact the Lactanet Organic Team* for advice that is specific to your situation. 

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* Our advisors serve farms in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.


By François Labelle, agr.
François joined Lactanet's research and development team in 2010 as an expert in organic dairy production. He is responsible for various technological innovation projects in organic dairy production a long with technical support for the team of organic dairy production advisors.