MySite houses all of our customers herd information in one secure easily accessible place for better decision making. View test day data faster and get a better pulse on your herd to ultimately improve your bottom line.

If you are not yet registered and you wish to receive your reports online, contact our Customer Service department.

Dynamic Dashboard

Exclusive to Lactanet customers is our Dynamic Dashboard. It is now available through MySite to view herd performance and provide ‘at-a-glance’ insight. 

Watch your on-line data come alive and log into your MySite account today.


My Site Q & A

Having your herd information conveniently tucked into one secure place can help you make better decisions faster. MySite is your personalized access to Lactanet reports, documents and the new Dashboard.

Lactanet employees also have access to the herds they are assigned to.  Herd data can also be easily shared with your team and advisors that you authorize. 

If you are enrolled on milk recording, including eDHI, your MySite account will include a Herd Summary Dashboard. You can watch your data come alive with ‘at-a-glance’ insight and view graphics on your herd. Reliable data and intelligent options allow you to customize your dashboard further!

From the Lactanet website, login by clicking on the MySite button located on the top right corner.  Then, simply enter your username (your e-mail address) and password. 

If you are experiencing trouble logging in, please contact Customer Service for your initial access code.

For more information on MySite, refer to this Quick Reference Guide.

Yes. MySite is a mobile responsive on-line portal and can be accessed from your mobile device in the same way as mentioned above. You can use updated versions of Safari, Google Chrome or your preferred web browser. Currently, the Dashboard within MySite is not mobile responsive due to the smaller screen, but we are working on a friendlier version for our next update!

As each web browser tends to modify our experience on different on-line platforms, we have found that MySite works best on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. You may find that performance is NOT optimal using Internet Explorer.

MySite documents and tutorials are posted on-line in various locations:

  • This web page provides useful links to help you get started and familiarize yourself with MySite, including a Quick Reference Guide;
  • Upon logging into MySite, you can click on the Documents tab on the top navigation bar;
  • Graphic slider images in the Discover section will lead you to more resources.

When new reports are generated, clients and authorised advisors will receive an e-mail notification indicating that new reports are available.  The e-mail includes a link to the MySite log-in page.

Two years of historical data will be available on MySite for reports and files. The Herd Summary Dashboard includes up to five years of data in many graphs.

Please ask your technician or contact Customer Service to add specific reports or tools. They will be made available following your next milk recording test. To add advisors to have access to your herd data, you must authorize the specific content. Again, please contact Customer Service to get all the details – we are here to help.

MySite uses your prefered language, however, if you notice you are seeing a different language, the first thing to check is the language setting in your web browser.

There could be all sorts of different reasons why all or specific values on the Dashboard are not available. Here are a few possible solutions to make them visible: 

  • Refresh your screen; (can be done by pressing F5 on your keyboard)
  • Click on another tab and come back to the desired tab;
  • You did not register to receive the service providing the values (i.e. MUN values), ask your technician or Customer Service Representative to register;
  • If you did not take milk samples on test day, values including components and SCC will not show;
  • You are an advisor and the herd owner did not authorise your access;
  • The browser is not responding or your screen is too small.

This box appears because you are leaving the Dashboard. Just click Leave as it has no impact on your MySite session.