Robotic Services

In Canada, over 110,000 cows on test are milked in robotic milking systems. This number continues to grow and now represents 14% of all milking systems and about 17% of cows. At Lactanet, we have unique solutions specific to robots to help you develop a thriving herd.

The Evolution of Technology

Lactanet has a broad product and service offering, and milk recording and testing with robotic systems has become routine and efficient. 

From software to mobile applications, various tools are now designed to integrate with one-another for data transfer and to support overall herd management. 

Milk Recording in Robotic Milking

Milking systems register a great quantity of information at each milking session, but milk recording remains an essential management tool to maximize the return on your investment:

  • Robot Production & Efficency Report
  • Components
  • SCC (5 reports)
  • Cow and bulk tank urea
  • Ketolab/Acetonaemia/BHB
  • Transition Cow Index®
  • Genetic Herd Inventory
  • HPI (Herd Performance Index) for milking robots
  • And much more!

eDHI Complements On-farm Technologies

As automated milking systems and the use of integrated sensors continues to grow, our eDHI service is ideal for farms that do not wish to participate in routine milk recording with the collection of milk samples, yet wish to enjoy the benefits that milk recording has to offer – all at a reduced cost to your operation. Discover eDHI.

Go Beyond Typical Robot Data
Our newest Robot Production & Efficiency Report is the perfect herd report designed to complement a robotic milking system. This report is incredibly useful to measure performance:

Robot FAQ

Our milk recording services are available to all robotic herds, regardless of brand or size. The information from milk sample testing can advance the herd in an easy, affordable, and convenient process.

With the Ori-Sampler, robotic milk recording is simply easier, reliable, and more accurate than ever. Our services include sales and rentals of the Ori-Sampler unit and it is compatible with most robotic brands. Although there are a range of options for other robotic sampling units, the Ori-Sampler is ICAR-approved, lightweight, easy to handle, and low maintenance with proven capabilities. > Talk to a service agent

Yes. You can self-test or choose to have our field staff deliver the sampler, program it, and collect the system data at each test. It is your choice and we can help. > Explore our service options

Like all herds, robotic herds can choose between either publishable or management herd status. Publishable herds require a minimum of 10 tests per year and enjoy eligibility for many industry awards that often support marketing, benchmarking, and other industry improvement programs. > Discover your options

Robotic herds receive the same essential health testing options that non-robotic herds do. > Learn about health diagnostics

Lactanet has developed innovative tools and resources that support your investment today and into the future. We can provide perspective to help you balance capacity and productivity in your transition to robotic milking. > Chat with us

We have an excellent video library to assist you with specific brands and sampler combinations. > Visit our playlists



Robotic milking systems register information at each milking session, but milk recording is a management tool that offers additional data to support your investment.​


Herd Insight​

Lactanet reports are useful in getting to know your herd from the inside out. Snapshots of herd performance will help guide decisions as well as overcome challenges.



Robotic herds are unique and to see what’s possible it’s necessary to track and compare performance against other robotic dairy operations, the new interactive robot production and efficiency report will meet your need.


Data Sharing

From components to pregnancy, you can provide your trusted advisors with valuable herd information in the format and language they know best.


Better Decisions​

Having the best data takes the guess-work out of day-to-day decisions, and ultimately leads to increased milk production, better milk quality, and a more productive and profitable farm. ​


Health & Wellness

Controlling disease, monitoring udder health, and contributing to your herds overall productive life is vital to your success and peace of mind. ​