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Robotic Milking

A Peak in Robot Concentrate Costs

Robotic Milking

Benchmarks 2020 by Milking Systems

Milk Production & Quality

A Cow’s Circadian Rhythm

Robotic Milking

Are peaks and persistency different for cows in robotic milking?

PROFILab analysis

PROFILab: a cost-effective tool for robotic farms

Robotic Milking

Concentrates at the Robot: Two is good, but three is better!

Robotic Milking

Robot Production & Efficiency Report

Robotic Milking

One Year After Start-Up (Part 2): Why were the results so variable?

Robotic Milking

How has production evolved one year after start-up?

Robotic Milking

Maximize robotic milking efficiency to boost profitability


Milking robots and pastures: more compatible than we think!

Robotic Milking

Are there any advantages to isolating first lactation cows in a robotic…

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Mario Séguin, agr.
Gervais Bisson, agr.
François Labelle, agr.