Spotlight on Ed Frazee, Robot Services Specialist

First, a bit of background

Ed Frazee was born in Norton, New Brunswick and raised on a dairy farm.  He graduated from NSAC and started working at ADLIC as a technician for milk recording. After a few years of leave, he rejoined the organisation in 1994 as it evolved from ADLIC to Valacta and in 2019, became Lactanet!  Ed currently lives in Sussex and is married with 3 children.

His Favorite Work Memories

“I really enjoy the opportunity to travel through Atlantic Canada to see different operations and meet producers.  I also look forward to our yearly staff meetings when we have the chance to come together in person.”

The most common question from clients

“How do I become more profitable with milk recording?”

What part of the job does he enjoy the most?

“I really do enjoy working with the new on-farm technologies.”

What brought you to work for Lactanet?

“After I graduated from NSAC, I knew I wanted to stay in the Dairy Industry.  I actually started out as a technician with ADLIC at the time, and went on to training new staff and becoming a technical coach and robot specialist.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

“I enjoy spending time at home with my family and working outside around the yard/gardens.  I was also very involved in coaching basketball for a number of years with the kids!”

What changes have you noticed, either in your job or the industry in the last few years?

“Technology has certainly changed as far as what’s on the farm and how we use this information for management and profitability!”

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