Since our priority is to keep you updated on topics that are important to you, we have gathered here numerous publications on the dairy production sector that you will find useful.

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Robotic Milking

Benchmarks 2020 by Milking Systems


Heritability Estimates Used for Genetic Evaluation in Canada

Heifer Raising

Growth Chart by Breed

PROFILab analysis

PROFILab: factsheets with benchmarks

Heifer Raising

Milk Feeding plan

Milk Analysis

12 Steps For Representative Sample

PROFILab analysis

PROFILab: Fact Sheet and Potential Solutions

Comfort & Welfare

ABC’s of footbathing!

Heifer Raising

Guide to raising a dairy heifer

Heifer Raising

Quick Reference Card for Calves

Comfort & Welfare

Practical guide to evaluating and improving comfort in the barn