ABC’s of footbathing!

Footbathing is an effective practice to maintain good healthy hooves in your herd. To find your way around the many recipes and instructions, there’s nothing better than a good factsheet prepared by Canadian experts!

With simplicity, this sheet brings together the main principles regarding construction, footbath management, recommended products, and even a formula to correctly calculate the concentration and the quantity of the product.

It goes without saying that for your particular situation, you should consult your foot health advisor and/or veterinarian for the product to be used and the number of times a week you need to practice footbathing. There is no miracle recipe other than to include this practice in your routine! A well-designed and well-situated location in your barn is a big step towards the adoption of this practice and your success in the fight against digital dermatitis.

Tip: Think about printing and plasticizing this sheet for the attention of the people who care about foot health in your farm. Having it under your nose as a checklist can be useful!


By Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC)
Dairy Farmers of Canada invests in scientific research to foster innovation, increase farm efficiency and sustainability, enhance animal health and care practices, improve milk quality and strengthen the role of dairy in human nutrition and health.

Lactanet, Université de Montréal, University of Calgary and Association des Médecins Vétérinaires Praticiens du Québec