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Comfort & Welfare

Steps to Help Manage Non-Ambulatory Cattle

Herd Health

Cleaning and Disinfection: What’s the Difference?

Herd Health

Be in control of your herd…

Herd Health

Dairy producers’ perception toward lameness control

Heifer Raising

Get Off to a Good Start: The Importance of the First Hours of Life

Heifer Raising

Disinfecting the Navel: Get Off to a Good Start

Dairy Research Blog

Are some cows genetically susceptible to Johne’s Disease?

Herd Health

Sub-clinical Ketosis Screening

Herd Health

Lameness is always a hot topic!

Herd Health

Udder Health Report – Dry Off & Fresh Monitoring

Dairy Research

ABC’s of footbathing!

Dry Off & Transition

Subclinical ketosis: Are your cows hiding something?

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Elouise Molgat, D.M.V.
Débora Santschi, agr., Ph. D.
Mario Séguin, agr.
Isabelle Morin, D.M.V., Cert. LAM