Training for the integration and support of foreign workers

“Be trustworthy”

Who is this service for?

Ideal for all dairy producers who hire foreign workers.

Ensure the quality and competency of your foreign workforce to ensure compliance with your milk quality standards and your farm’s profitability.

This service is available in three languages (Spanish, French and English), as well as in French-Spanish and English-Spanish combinations.

What does the service include?

  • Knowledge of the environment and daily life on a dairy farm
  • Milking
  • Herd health and welfare
  • Reproduction
  • Breeding
  • Feeding
  • Stress-free animal handling
  • and much more…

Who is the accompanying coach?

Member of l’Ordre des agronomes du Québec, Omar Sandoval, agr. has over 20 years of experience in the field of beef and dairy production. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy with a specialization in Animal Science from the Industrial University of Santander in Colombia.

Aware of the challenges faced by foreign workers and their employers, Omar has developed a technical and human support approach that allows them to integrate smoothly into the farm’s team.

What does the basic program offer?

1. Knowledge of the environment

  • Particularities of the industry in general and of dairy farms in Canada and in Quebec
  • Visit of the farm, more specifically the barn and the facilities to get familiar with the agricultural lexicon but also with the equipment and the operating procedures
  • The main daily tasks to be performed in the barn (the work routine)
  • How to complete the NOPs for the Food Safety and ProAction programs.

2. Milking

  • Good milking practices (milking method and systems)
  • Udder health and detection of clinical and subclinical mastitis
  • Operating procedures for the different milking systems
  • Quality criteria and standards in Quebec

3. Herd health and welfare

  • Handling of animals
  • Lameness detection
  • Cow warning signals

4. Reproduction

  • Heat detection
  • How to intervene effectively during calving

5. Breeding

  • Calf care: colostrum management and preparation of a milk-replacer
  • Monitoring the growth of heifers (use of the tourniquet meter and tape measurer)
  • Identification of feed served to heifers

6. Feeding

  • Herd feeding: overview of forage and feed for cows and heifers. Does my cow eat well?
  • The use of technology in dairy cow feeding

7. Robotics and other technologies

  • Tasks related to the operation and maintenance of the milking robot
  • Operation and maintenance of the automated calf feeder
  • Operation and maintenance of forage pushers
  • Knowledge and overview of dairy production software

8. Other topics depending on the day-to-day needs of the producers

Are you interested in this service?

Plan ahead before your workers arrive!

This training is also offered in partnership with Agropur. For more information, contact the Agropur cooperative advisors in your region.
Plan ahead before your workers arrive!

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