Benchmarks 2020 by Milking Systems

When a producer plans to build a new barn, a number of questions arise. Many will opt for a free-stall barn, but what to choose, parlour or robot?
This is a typical scenario that supports the relevance of the statistics in the following report. When reviewing the data, the producer will find that the milking robots have higher productivity in every part of Canada, but on the other hand, the fat test is a little lower. On the other hand, parlours have the highest fat test and have lower calving intervals than milking pipelines, but are about equal to milking robots. 

These are the type of findings you will discover in the 2020 Milking System report. Enjoy the article!


By Gervais Bisson, agr.
A graduate in agronomy from Université Laval, Gervais has over 22 years of experience in dairy cattle feeding before joining our team. As an expert in dairy production - milking robots, he actively contributes as a consultant and author to the advancement of the dairy production industry.