Down Cattle Care

Down cattle cases are not simple to manage and cause a sense of helplessness for the farm owner and staff. Studies show that even if the best care is given quickly (optimal conditions), the animals only have a 35% to 40% chance of survival. Euthanasia then becomes the best care.


The “Down Cattle Care” factsheet gives the guidelines needed to provide the right care for these animals and help the farm put in place the right procedures for managing these cases. It also presents the tools to LIFT and/or MOVE such an animal. Video demonstrations are also available for some equipment.

Decision Support in the Management of a Down Cattle

For quick and concerted actions with your veterinarian and your farm care team, consult the “Decision Support in the Management of a Down Cattle” factsheet.

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If we want to give the animal the chance to regain health, prompt and systematic action must be taken to assess the case and provide the care required to maximize the chances of success and improve welfare.

Video Demonstrations

Equipment that can be used to MOVE a down cow:

Moving with the Animal Skidder

Uplift and lay down of an animal on an equipment to move it

Moving with the wooden board

Moving with the teflon sheet

Equipment that can be used to HELP down cattle STAND UP :

Help to stand with a one tonne seed bag

Help to stand with the Upsi-Daisy