Feed Management with FeedWatch

With feed costs representing the largest single input in your dairy operation, there has never been a better time to introduce precision feeding for a better bottom line.

From the developers of DairyComp, FeedWatch is a proven feed management software system designed for performance, productivity, and instant pay-back.

Precise Feed Batching for Performance

  • mix the right amount every time – no more, no less
  • consistent delivery to each pen – every drop
  • develop unlimited ration formulas
  • manage ingredient/chemistry ratios and mix times

Predicting and Tracking for Productivity

  • track intakes and weighbacks
  • minimize empty bunks and excess feed
  • forecast and track ingredient inventory and delivery
  • automatically schedule and size loads
  • record batch and delivery times to the target pens
  • assist nutritionist in formulating rations
  • evaluate formulation changes
  • maximize mixer capacity

Feed Efficiency for Profit

  • reduce feed waste and save money
  • control income over feed cost
  • evaluate true feed production costs
  • manage contracts, sales and purchasing
  • analyze feed usage and history
  • comply with on-farm ingredient traceability
  • generate simple and easy to understand reports
  • maintain one source for feed information

Responsive, Compatible and Durable

  • designed for rugged conditions
  • intuitive touch scale indicator
  • automate and tailor report feedback
  • export files and share data with advisors
  • integrate with mixers, scales, trucks and wagons
  • transfer data wirelessly
  • set-up notifications, reminders, user permissions and security settings
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FeedWatch and DairyComp Work Together
FeedWatch seamlessly integrates with DairyComp herd management software and updates, such as animal groups and milking data, can easily flow between the two systems.