Milk recording for automated systems and on-farm technologies

As automated milking systems and the use of integrated sensors continues to grow, Lactanet’s eDHI service is ideal for farms that do not wish to participate in routine milk recording with the collection of milk samples. 

With eDHI, we can remotely collect herd information from your automated system, as well as access data from your provincial milk board to validate milk volumes and herd components. Lactanet can then provide reports that complement the output from your on-farm automated system, as well as have many additional benefits that are important to producers.

eDHI is an attractive option if your team is simply comfortable with the analysis of tried and true Lactanet reporting that is vital for tracking and directing long-term success – at a reduced cost compared with supervised milk recording.

Advantages of eDHI
  • offers better insight for DairyComp software (including sensor data, fat, protein, SCC, BCA’s and more)
  • integrates robot benchmarks and enhanced 305 projections
  • easy and convenient – no farm visit and milk sample collection is not required
  • data is validated and used for benchmarking
  • herd is eligible for publishable lactations (milk only at this time)
  • information contributes to genetic evaluations and indexes
  • compatible with the Compass on-line application tool
  • herd performance and inventory compliments AI mating and classification services
  • incorporates milk component sensor data where available
  • ‘no contact’ remote access to on-farm records
  • receive valuable herd management reports and a Herd Management Score
  • qualify for some breed association and awards programs
  • advisor and shared access to MySite (on-line Lactanet account)
  • houses all lactation history and lifetime milk production

How does eDHI work?

Using secure remote access, milking data is electronically collected from your on-farm automated system. Although robotic and other milking systems offer great information, milk recording remains an important part of the puzzle to build on your ROI and support herd management decisions. eDHI is a valuable tool to help you identify and focus on the most productive animals to move your herd and the Canadian dairy industry forward.