Your Voice Counts!

The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle (hereafter: Code) contains all the requirements that dairy farmers must implement on their farm in relation to animal welfare. A revision is completed approximately every 10 years. 

proposal for the next Code of Practice was submitted for public comments on November 29 and will close on January 27, 2022. 

What to expect?

During this stage, everyone can comment on the requirements, from consumers to producers. All milk producers are invited to participate, as well as employees, families, advisors, representatives, partners and other stakeholders of the dairy industry.  

Among the proposed changes:  

  • “Effective January 1, 2033calves that are healthy, compatible, and thriving must be housed in pairs or groups by 2–4 weeks of age (in indoor or outdoor systems)”  
  • “Effective January 1, 2028, cattle on all farms (existing or newly built since the publishing of this Code) must calve in loose housed pens or pastures 
  • “If calf mortality exceeds 10%corrective actions must be implemented to improve calving management and calf health in consultation with the herd veterinarian“  
  • Lactating and dry cows must be provided opportunities for movement as often as possible taking into consideration factors such as the age/class of animal, weather, and pasture and laneway conditions. Producers must do at least one of the following:   
    • house lactating cows in loose housing or at pasture  
    • house dry cows in loose housing or at pasture   
    • provide regular access to exercise yards and/or pasture for dry cows year-round (e.g., covered exercise area for wintershaded area in the summer 
    • provide regular access to exercise yards and/or pasture for lactating and dry cows year-round, weather and conditions permitting” 

The Code Committee will review the comments and submit the next official Code of Practice in late 2022. Please submit simple, concise and constructive comments to help the committee to better understand them. 

I have comments, how can I submit them? 

Click on the link to view the new proposed Code of Practice and the guidelines for submitting your comments. Do not hesitate to share your comments with your friends and family, the future of dairy production in Canada is at stake.