2021/03/23 – Engaging with Dairy Producers for a Thriving Future

Lactanet Canada is pleased to announce the introduction of a National Resolutions initiative that is able to touch every licensed dairy farmer across Canada. A new on-line website is now available for producers to submit non-binding resolutions, chat in an open forum about each resolution, and vote – all from the comfort of their home.

“The ideas shared are a catalyst for best practices, knowledge sharing and collective evolution for a thriving dairy industry,” states Neil Petreny, CEO, Lactanet Canada. “Lactanet is a farmer-run organization. This process is essential to a successful future and provides a platform for producers to have a voice, cultivate ideas and bring them forward in a safe transparent environment.”

“Encouraging producer communication and feedback is part of Lactanet’s governance model,” mentions Barbara Paquet, dairy farmer and Chair of Lactanet’s Board of Directors. “There have been 28 recent Resolutions submitted for Board consideration and this is simply extraordinary. As Chair of the Board we intend to champion this process and are committed to continuous improvement.”

Lactanet is not new to this formal process in its entirety. Producers in the province of Ontario have included a resolutions process as part of their annual meeting for many years. The Lactanet partnership of CDN, CanWest DHI and Valacta has presented many opportunities to introduce these types of initiatives and extend reach from coast-to-coast. Technology has made it possible to improve communication, engage with people in new ways, as well as bring efficiencies and enhancements right to the doorstep of dairy farmers – and Lactanet is going to lead the way.


For more information:

Brian Van Doormaal, Chief Services Officer, Lactanet Canada
1-800-549-4373 (ext. 5101)