Industry Committees

The composition and Terms of Reference of each committee is established by the Board of Directors, which also defines the length of terms, qualification requirements and procedures for filling each position. Appointments are made in December each year.

Each committee plays an important role in discussing key topics within their respective scope, mandates and making recommendations for approval consideration by the Board of Directors.


  • Gert Schrijver (Chairman, DFC, Producer)
  • Gilles Côté (Lactanet, Producer)
  • Harm Kelly (Lactanet, Producer)
  • Albert Fledderus (DFC, Producer)
  • Daniel Gobeil (DFC, Producer)
  • Linda Markle (Holstein Canada/NLID)
  • Richard Cantin (Lactanet DHI)


  • Melissa Hurst (Program Manager, Lactanet)
  • Mélissa Lalonde (DFC Traceability Coordinator)
  • Nicole Sillett (proAction Program Manager)
  • Brian Van Doormaal (Lactanet)
  • Morgan Hobin (West)
  • Kelly Barratt (Ontario)  
  • Florence Bouchard Santerre (Québec)
  • Nancy Douglas (Atlantic)
  • Julie Blais (Attestra)
  • Nilos Korodimas (AAFC)
  • To be named (CFIA)


  • Gilles Côté (Lactanet Board)
  • Greg Dietrich (Holstein)
  • Brian Anderson (Holstein)
  • Greg Debbink (Holstein)
  • Olivier Leclerc (Holstein)
  • Eric Baumann (Jersey)
  • Eleanor Robinson (Ayrshire)


  • Jay Shannon (Semex)
  • Paul Meyer (Semex)
  • Dr. Chuck Sattler (Select Sires GenerVations)
  • Dr. Bob Welper (Alta Genetics)
  • Brad Eggink (Holstein Canada)

Technical Experts:

  • Dr. Gerrit Kistemaker (Lactanet Genetics)
  • Dr. Flavio Schenkel (University of Guelph)
  • Dr. Christine Baes (University of Guelph)
  • Dr. Steven Larmer (Semex)
  • Dr. Robert Moore (Lactanet DHI)

    Brian Van Doormaal (Lactanet, non‐voting)

Producer Directors:  

  • Harm Kelly (Lactanet)
  • Daniel Gobeil (Dairy Farmers of Canada)
  • Mariette Gagnon (Semex)
  • Doug Peart (Holstein Canada)


  • Brian Van Doormaal (Lactanet)
  • Ėmie Désilets (Dairy Farmers of Canada)
  • Dr. Michael Lohuis (Semex)
  • Vincent Landry (Holstein Canada)


  • Dr. Claude Robert (Université Laval)
  • Dr. Flavio Schenkel (University of Guelph)
  • Dr. Xin Zhao (McGill University)
  • Dr. Graham Plastow (University of Alberta)
  • Paul Stewart (Semex)
  • Mike West (Semex)
  • Pascal Lemire (Holstein Canada)
  • Valérie Tremblay (Holstein Canada)
  • Richard Cantin (Lactanet DHI)
  • Mario Séguin (Lactanet DHI)
  • Brian Van Doormaal (Lactanet Genetics)
  • Tom Pasco (Lactanet Board)

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