Working In The Field

If you like helping people, are self-reliant, and enjoy human and animal contact, you will love working with us!

Dairy Production Technicians

Working in the field, you will play a key role with dairy producers by supervising milkings and collecting production data. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with dairy producers and enjoy the benefits of a flexible schedule. 

Dairy Production Advisors

As an advisor, you will offer clients advisory services on a wide range of topics and points of intervention. You will support dairy producers in reaching their objectives related to cow feeding, production, heifer raising, cow comfort and many other aspects of dairy farm management. 

You will have a significant impact on your clients’ success. 

Experts and Strategic Advisorsc

You will play a key role in the advancement and support of the dairy industry by providing personalized advisory services or group training sessions. You will be part of a driven and engaging team and you will bring your skills and expertise to dairy producers by offering practical training and customized solutions.


Do you wish to learn more about dairy production advisory services? We offer student internships for one day, one week or longer. This internship is accredited by most agricultural school programs. 

About Us

Lactanet Canada provides dairy producers with innovative herd management products and services to maximize their productivity and profitability.