Why Work At Lactanet?

To be recognized, appreciated and listened to

Your well-being and dedication are our priority. We regularly celebrate your contribution to our success. Achievements, efforts and loyalty are always recognized. 

We are attentive and accessible and encourage our employees to participate actively in the company. Through surveys, workshops and focus groups, you will be invited to participate and give your opinion. 

Our employees tell us they are proud to work at Lactanet, and express job satisfaction. Our goal is to maintain this satisfaction level!

To always be well prepared

We offer training programs that allow you to develop your skill and expertise. When working with dairy producers, we will provide you with excellent coaching.

To work with state-of-the-art equipment​

We invest in the latest equipment to offer the dairy industry accurate and reliable data. You will have the opportunity to work in highly ranked laboratories. 

You will also have an opportunity to contribute to the development of IT equipment, software and technical tools.  

To work in a dynamic environment

You will be invited to participate, share and contribute to the business. We encourage your freedom of speech and creativity. 

Our team is driven and your coworkers are helpful and generous. We organize social activities to give you the chance to get to know each other.

About Us

Lactanet Canada provides dairy producers with innovative herd management products and services to maximize their productivity and profitability.

To advance within the company
Once you have joined our team, you will have advancement opportunities within the company by being given new challenges or new responsibilities.
To be treated with respect and fairness
We ensure to maintain a culture where respect, equity and honesty prevail. You will receive fair and competitive wages and benefits.
For the priority given to employees
We consider our employees to be our most precious resources. This is why human resource programs are particularly important to our management team and board of directors who greatly support positive initiatives for our employees, for example those encouraging a better work-family balance.