Dairy cattle out in the pastures at McGill University!

A demonstration site for dairy grazing has been established on the farm at McGill University’s Macdonald Campus. It was presented during the 2019 hay day that was organized by the Conseil québécois des plantes fourragères (CQPF), whose chosen theme was: Pastures in 2019.

A video (available in French) presents the elements of the project aimed at optimizing animal performance and carbon sequestration on pasture.

Around the pasture plots, 800 trees were planted and will eventually (in a mid to long term range) provide shade and thus limit heat stress for the animals. For the moment, until these fast growing trees are able to provide enough shade, a mobile shelter was installed to keep the animals cool. The installation of permanent and temporary electric fences, water points and access roads offer all the necessary flexibility to use the grass in an optimal way.

Are you planning to improve or provide pasture for your dry cows and replacement animals?

This video offers you some food for thought and the Lactanet organic dairy production team* has the  expertise to support you in your project.

* Our advisors serve farms in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.


By François Labelle, agr.
François joined Lactanet's research and development team in 2010 as an expert in organic dairy production. He is responsible for various technological innovation projects in organic dairy production a long with technical support for the team of organic dairy production advisors.