Lac-T Update

Current version:

Last update: December 5th, 2022
Previous version :  2.1.8 with AnalysePlus

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Reference Sire List:

  • October 2022 Sire Reference List updates


  • Sires with multiple AI codes (ex. sexed semen) are imported correctly
  • Beef bull import fix for breedings
  • Correction of breedings for sires with no indicated breed

XML Exchanges:

  • Multiple corrections made to XML exchanges related to:
    • DSA Expert
    • Uniform Agri

Misc. Corrections and Improvements:

  • Correction to Production Monitor and Lactation Summary for weights before first calving
  • Correction of erroneous registration numbers with a dot at the end
  • Correction of registration numbers beginning with a zero
  • Corrected boxes for Cows to Dry Up report
  • Several other minor improvements 
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  • AnalysePlus Test
  • AnalysePlus PROM-S 

Training sessions tailored to your needs

Internet training sessions allow you learn more about Lac-T without the inconvenience of travel.

This means that you can take part in the training session from the comfort of your own home! Lac-T doesn’t have to be installed on the computer you use to take part in the training session. What you see on your screen will be the presenter’s software.