Lactanet External Advisory Committee Appointments

During the meeting of the Lactanet Board of Directors held each December, various appointments are made to form the four external advisory committees, namely:

  • DairyTrace Advisory Committee
  • Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB)
  • Dairy Cattle Genetics Research & Development (DairyGen) Council
  • Industry Standards Committee

The composition and Terms of Reference of each committee is established by the Board of Directors, which also defines the length of terms, qualification requirements and procedures for filling each position.

As a result of the appointments approved by the Lactanet Board during it meetings on December 16, 2022, the composition of each committee has been finalized for 2023, as attached

Congratulations to the new members as well as to those that qualified and were re-elected for another term.  These committees play an important role discussing key topics within their respective scope and mandates and making recommendations for approval consideration by the Board of Directors.