Extraordinary Opportunities for Dairy Producers Ahead

Sustainability, challenges, progress, and milestones were the buzz words at Lactanet’s Ontario Annual General Meeting this year. After two years of gathering virtually due to the pandemic, this years’ event was held in-person at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, in conjunction with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) AGM.  

As Lactanet presented their accomplishments for 2022, discussions also included what’s ahead for Canadian dairy producers. “As dairy farmers, we know that every litre of milk counts and we have to get the most from our cows to be profitable,” states Barbara Paquet, Lactanet Board Chair. “It’s a balance of productivity and profitability to support economic and environmental sustainability and we look forward to supporting our industry to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050!”

Paquet emphasized the importance of new tools and working with data in new ways while noting new genetic evaluations for methane efficiency, a global first, and body maintenance requirements, both launching in 2023. “From on-line webinars and workshops to hands-on software training and advisory services, Lactanet has continued to adapt our program delivery models and offer information differently,” mentions Paquet. “We are looking forward to exceeding the 1,800 participants that attended last year’s training programs with new progressive and relevant topics.”

Providing dairy farmers with solutions that drive business success was on the agenda for Lactanet’s Chief Executive Officer, Neil Petreny. In 2023, there are many developments that will help the industry evolve, deal with change and adopt new technologies,” says Petreny. “We will start the year with modifications to the rules related to the publication of lactation records to include sensor component data. With the unanimous support of all national breed associations, we are proud to announce that we are one of the first dairy herd improvement organizations in the world to integrate this data and bring innovative, affordable, and reliable tools to Canadian dairy producers.”

Lactanet is also celebrating milestones as it approaches 1,000 robot farms in Canada using milk recording services and this represents more than 20% or 125,000 cows respectively. A warm invitation was also extended to all industry stakeholders to join Lactanet Canada’s 2022 Best Managed Dairy Herds celebration on February 21, 2023 – recognizing the very best in herd performance.

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Geneviève Clermont
Director Marketing and Communications