Spotlight on Nadine Othberg, Dairy production technician — New Brunswick

First, a bit of background

Nadine grew up in Millstream, NB on a beef and swine operation.  She attended NSAC where she obtained her Animal science degree, which led her to a career as a dairy production technician with Lactanet.

Her Favorite Work Memories

“I love to help my clients take advantage of new services that Lactanet offers, especially when it comes to registering calves.  Now they have more information on their animals and a better way of tracing them.”

The most common question from clients

“We get a lot of questions from our producers on a daily basis but two of them come up regularly. What’s my average?  and Anything new going on? are definitely the top 2!”

What part of the job does she enjoy the most?

“I enjoy talking with the producers I work with and entering important information on their herd into the database so I can help them to make better and more informed decisions.”

What brought her to work for Lactanet?

“It was great timing when I was graduating from college! A job opening came up to work for ADLIC back in 2002 (which later became Valacta and now Lactanet, as of June 2019) and I have continued working with the organization ever since.”

What does she like to do outside of work?

“When I’m not at work, I really enjoy spending my time either taking care of my home or relaxing.”

What changes have you noticed, either in your job or the industry in the last few years?

“I have noticed that producers are more and more willing to provide me with their herd information so, I now have access to precious information to help them make informed and accurate decisions.  There has been a lot more technology advances made over the last few years as well!”

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