Compass: New Features

The Compass online software offers a variety of genetic herd management tools. The new version, online for several weeks now, offers four new features.

The addition of beta-casein A2 results

Earlier this year, the selection of cows that produce milk containing beta-casein A2 made headlines in some agricultural publications. To help the producers to use this selection, beta-casein test results are available under Herd Genetics and in the Bull List.

Addition of My Bulls to the Bull List

My Bulls is a personalized and distinct tab where you can choose your preferred bulls. Your selections will be saved for later use. Bulls can be selected according to the desired genes.

Add and Modify Traits on the Bull List

You can select and modify up to five traits that are of interest to you on the bull list.  This list can be useful to ensure that the chosen bulls are in line with your breeding strategy.

New Location for Parameter Verification

The verify your metrics function has been moved to the Compass home page and can be found at the top right of the page.  Keeping the herd metrics up to date will ensure that Compass can provide the most precise recommendations possible.

To check out these new Compass features, go to


By Mario Séguin, agr.
Mario is committed to improving dairy herds. A graduate in Animal Science from McGill University and a member of L'Ordre des agronomes du Québec, he contributes to the development and enhancement of the management tools offered by Lactanet.