The Story Behind your Heifer Inventory

Get it Right, be More Profitable!

The workshop is a summary of the key concepts and practices of a rearing program to help you evaluate and optimize your heifer inventory and profitability under three models: expansion, rearing or stability. 
This workshop is offered fromFebruary to April 2023
Target AudienceDairy producers, advisors and students
Duration2 Hours
FormatVirtual via Teams (the link will be sent by email before the event)
InstructorRodrigo Molano

You can either book your place directly on MySite, with your advisor, technician or call our customer service department.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the impacts of heifer rearing on the sustainability and profitability of your operation
  2. Understanding the elements that influence your heifer inventory
  3. Be able to calculate and evaluate the replacement needs of your operation
  4. Consider different selection and breeding strategies to control your heifer inventory and remove those that will make a difference in the herd

Our Discussion:

  1. Why should we talk about rearing when discussing sustainability and profitability?
  2. Sustainability essentials
  3. Heifer rearing in 3 pillars: Growth, strategic planning of replacement needs, genetic and breeding program
  4. Participant data presentation, observations and discussion

What we suggest you bring with you:

  • Age at first calving
  • Number of cows
  • Number of replacement heifers
  • Calving Interval
  • Quota
  • Butterfat test
  • 2-day delivery
  • Last year’s culling rate
  • Calf and heifer mortality rate

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