DairyComp FAQ

Technical, Billing and Support

DairyComp is available for Windows operating systems only. It is recommended to install on Windows 7 or greater to ensure the software and operating system are supported properly. Ideally the computer should have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

Both DC and DCI have the same program capabilities and unlimited feature add-ons, however DCI provides the ability to interface with on-farm third party software and technologies, such as parlour or robot milk meters, activity systems, Hoof Supervisor, calf feeders, etc.

YES, and it is included in your monthly fee! Access to the mobile app (Apple & Android devices) is also integrated with the Cloud Platform of DairyComp where you can view and enter data cow-side and have it automatically updated on the desktop DairyComp software. Available on Android devices only is the Pocket Cow Card (PCC) app, suited to operate on ‘ruggedized’ devices that can scan ear tags while working in the app.

DairyComp has no upfront software license fee, only a monthly support and upgrade fee based on herd size and which of the 2 product options is required.  There is a nominal one-time fee to quickly get you started, and that includes the installation of the software, building your herd inventory, setting up the dashboard and reports, and initial training. The monthly fee includes all program updates, phone support, remote internet assistance, and on-farm help from the DairyComp service team. We can also help with technical needs, additional user training, and set-up changes. As the software continues to evolve, new features will help users better manage herd data and comply with requirements of industry programs like proAction®.

DairyComp has no up-front license fee, but does have a set-up and training fee that is payable at the time of installation.  The monthly support and update fee begins on the month following your installation.

Yes absolutely! There will be a nominal one-time set-up and training fee for the time required to perform the interface (with milk meters, robot or activity systems, etc.) and you will then maintain the DCI monthly support and update fees.

To ensure your DairyComp data is secure, we recommend running daily backups of your data saved to an external USB stick or to cloud storage, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. In case of hard drive failure on your DairyComp computer, you will then have access to a recent backup to avoid having to re-enter a large volume of data.

Our knowledgeable friendly DairyComp team is available from Monday to Friday 8 am-5pm EST. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team assists DairyComp customers remotely via TeamViewer to access your computer (internet connection required), or by arranging for an on-farm visit (travel costs may apply in some situations).

It is possible. The contact information will be updated and the new owner will become responsible for any fees.


Yes, while the program features focus on dairy producers, DairyComp can be customized for use with other livestock such as beef cattle, dairy goats and sheep.

DairyComp is a flexible program that can record and track events required with organic management practices.

DairyComp can save you time and eliminate the need for double data entry with third-party milking or activity systems.  From importing milking session/activity data to sending repro-related events to the milking or activity software, the data is collected and shared multiple times per day and used to generate reports or lists to help you make important management decisions.

We have various options for producers that manage their animals in different locations, and all are included in your base DairyComp fees. If you are looking to simply view data at the other site, a DairyComp Shadow option would be ideal. However, if you wish to enter in data at the second location, our DairyComp Client option can automatically update your cow file at the main location over a shared network. Give us a call and we can suggest the option that would make the most sense for your situation

Advisors such as nutritionists and veterinarians can access your data with your permission only. Advisors may ask you for your contact and PIN number which would allow them access to your data, or they may have you sign a data release form that is sent to Lactanet Canada, where we can add them to your list of permitted advisors. Advisors will not be granted access to your data by Lactanet without written or verbal consent and can be removed from at any time.

DairyComp and proAction®

With DairyComp, you can conveniently record and report traceability events to meet federal regulations and requirements.  The DairyComp TRACE module not only simplifies traceability, but it also takes the guesswork out of knowing which births and movements have been recorded and reported and ensures that your records are safe and backed up. 

» Watch this video to learn more

» View instructions on How to use the Traceability Module

*The TRACE module is only available in English at this time.

DairyComp has the capability to record health protocols and treatments on the animal’s cowcard, whether it be a dry-off treatment, repro-related shots, or vaccinations. Furthermore, a log of all treatments given to animals on-farm is automatically generated to ensure compliancy with ProAction requirements.

To keep all your test results in one place, results from Mastitis4 testing can be uploaded into DairyComp for analysis.

DairyComp Sales and Support​

All DairyComp users enjoy access to our team of excellent staff. Support is available on-site, toll-free, or via remote internet access.

DairyComp Herd Management Software

Looking for a herd management tool with instant pay-back? Meet DairyComp, the most advanced software solution designed for better on-farm decision-making. Do you have more DairyComp questions?