Exciting On-Line Learning Opportunities Ahead

This year, Lactanet is offering a brand new way to meet your learning goals. Whether in the form of a webinar or a personalized workshop, our training sessions will cover several current topics at a time that suits you!

In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to engage with experts, discover the latest in dairy practices, interact with your peers, compare your business model with others, and find solutions for a better bottom line.

  • Add to your skill set
  • Learn practical, relevant knowledge you can apply to your management style
  • Explore solutions for a high performing herd

Learn how to interpret your data and use the tools available to help you optimize your herd’s fat test. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to compare your results with those of others in the group and our trainers will guide you to find the best solutions to improve the fat test of your herd. Sign up for this workshop and discover what your data is telling you!

Sustainability can appear to be a complex concept with many variables to consider – each one very different from the others.  From animal health and herd management, to the environment and well-being of farm workers, there are many issues that affect the profitability of your farm. What if you were able to identify the factors that limit your business profitability?

In the months ahead, Lactanet will be launching its new Sustainability Index. This index includes several indicators that tell a story about the health and longevity of your farm operation (i.e. number of cows in the 3rd lactation or more, calf mortality rate 0-24h, BHB, SCC). Using this exciting new tool, you will notice that the higher your index, the more profit per day you can achieve throughout the life of your business!

In January, you will be invited to a FREE webinar that will provide more details on how the Sustainability Index works. Later, you can participate in workshops of interest, where the trainers will guide you to identify solutions to improve your Sustainability Index. You will also be able to make comparisons with your peers and interact with producers that may have other management styles. Sign up and learn how the Sustainability Index can be added to your toolbox!

  • Follow Up to Master your Feed Margin

This dynamic group training session will be presented in an open discussion format. Initially, trainers will lead you through successful feed practices, thereafter, you will have options on various follow-up sessions you can join! Learn how forage production costs influence your yield and what happens when you improve it. Take home concrete solutions that can be applied to your business.

  • Follow Up to Master your Feed Margin

Producers with milking robots – this learning opportunity is for you! In this series of interactive workshops, you will be able to choose the topics you’re most interested in regarding feed costs at the robot. We will explore feed strategy limitations and practices to improve your feed margin. Register now.

The more you know, the more you grow​

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By Catherine Larivée Bazinet, agr.
With an B.Sc. in Animal science from McGill University and having worked previously in the beef & veal industry, Catherine has a strong passion for knowledge transfer and brings creative ways to favor interest and understanding to the center of expertise projects.