Lactanet provides you with this directory of professionals to answer your questions. You will find the contact information of some of our employees such as regional directors, experts and members of senior management.

You can also contact our Customer Service to find answers to your questions.

  • Services

Allison Fleming, Ph. D.

Manager, Genetic Evaluation Services
519-767-9660, ext. 5112

Andrew Marete, Ph. D.

519-767-9660, ext. 5105

Annie Langlois

Regional Manager, North of Quebec

Annie-Claire Daviault, B.Sc. (Ag.Env.Sc.)

Research Professional in Dairy Production and Environment

Audrey Lacroix, agr.

Regional Manager, Estrie, Centre-du-Québec

Bob Reck

Regional Manager, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Brian Van Doormaal

Chief Services Officer
519-767-9660, ext. 5101

Bruna Mion, Ph.D

Dairy Production Expert – Nutrition and Herd Management

Caroline Martel, agr.

Regional Manager, Eastern Ontario

Cindy Jaton, agr., MBA, Ph.D

Genetics Industry Ambassador
(519) 767-9660 ext 5109

Clément-Guy Bernard

Director of Human Resources
514-459-3030, ext. 7529
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7529

Daniel Foy Co-founder and CEO of

Co-founder and CEO of

Daniel Lefebvre, agr., Ph. D., PAS, Dipl. ACAN

Chief Operations Officer - Director, Centre of Expertise
514-459-3030, ext. 7579
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7579

Daniel Warner

Data Analyst
514-459-3030, ext. 7991
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7991

Daryna Kurban, D.M.V., M. Sc.

Research Professional - Dairy Herd Health

Débora Santschi, agr., Ph. D.

Director of innovation and development
514-459-3030, ext. 7855
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7855

Dominic Bélanger, Agr

Director of Business Development and Customer Service

Dominique Maxime, Ph.D

Production Expert in Sustainability and Environment

Drew Spencer

Regional Manager, West-Central and Northern Ontario

Filippo Miglior, Ph.D

Senior Advisor, Genetic Strategic Initiatives
519-767-9660, ext. 5107

François Labelle, agr.

Expert in Organic Milk Production
514-459-3030, ext. 7590
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7590

Geneviève Clermont

Director Marketing and Communications

George Clyde

National Director Information Technology
514-459-3030, ext. 7995
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7995

Gervais Bisson, agr.

Dairy Production Expert in Robotic Milking & Strategic Advisor

Hannah Sweett, Ph. D.

Knowledge Transfer Advisor – Genetics Portfolio

Harold Kress

Regional Manager, South-Western Ontario

Isabelle Morin, D.M.V., Cert. LAM

Dairy Herd Health Coordinator
514-459-3030, ext. 7850
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7850

Janusz Jamrozik, Ph.D

Research Geneticist
519-767-9660, ext. 5108

Jean-Marc Neilson

National Sales and Services Director
1 800 266-5248, ext. 8090

Jean-Philippe Laroche, agr., M. Sc.

Dairy Production Expert in Nutrition & Forage

Jeff Gunn, M. Sc.

Regional Manager, Atlantic Provinces
514-459-3030, ext. 8901
1-800-266-5248, ext. 8901

Jessica St John, M.Sc.

Dairy Production Professional – Comfort & Welfare

Josée Bordeleau

National Laboratory Director
514-459-3030, poste 7512
1 800 266-5248

Laura Solano, DVM., Ph. D.

Dairy Comfort and Welfare Expert

Mackayla de Kwant

DairyTrace Program Manager
519-767-9660, ext. 5117

Mario Séguin, agr.

Dairy Production Expert – Milk Recording and Data Management
514-459-3030, ext. 7792
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7792

Mélissa Lalonde, M. Sc, MGP|PMP

Senior Advisor, Traceability
(519) 767-9660 ext 5115

Michela Arbuthnott

Administration, Board Support & proAction
519-767-9660, ext. 5103

Neil Petreny

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Sullivan, Ph.D

Senior Geneticist & Genetic Systems Leader
519-767-9660, ext. 5111

Peter Boersen

Services Manager
514-459-3030, ext. 8059

Philippe Dubé

Herd Management Software Manager - QC

René Lacroix, ing. Ph. D.

Data Enhancement Analyst (BI)
514-459-3030, ext. 7530
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7530

René Roy, agr.

514-459-3030, ext. 7220
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7220

Rob McTaggart

Director of Finance
519-824-2320, ext. 5229
1-800-549-4373, ext. 5229

Robert Moore, Ph. D.

Scientific Manager
514-459-3030, ext. 7521
1-800-266-5248, ext. 7521

Roland Lambert, T.P.

Regional Manager
514-459-3030, ext. 8007
1-800-266-5248, ext. 8007

Ron Hurtubise

Assistant Director of Sales and Services

Tony Meyer

Regional Manager, British Columbia

Valérie Tremblay

Senior advisor, Genetics and Centre of Expertise