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Interpreting Sire Proofs for Linear Type Traits

Milk Analysis

12 Steps For Representative Sample

Feed Margin

Per Cow, Per Hectolitre, or Per kg Milk Fat: Which is the best indicator…

Milk Analysis

How does a BactoScan™ work?

Robotic Milking

Concentrates at the Robot: Two is good, but three is better!

Milk Recording

Are we aware of the power of data and digital technology?


Spotlight on Nadine Othberg, Dairy production technician — New…

Milk Production & Quality

Tips from the pros to ensure milk quality


Calculating your forage yield is not that complicated

PROFILab analysis

PROFILab on Barjo Farm: 45 kg/day of milk and higher than average…

Feed Margin

You can produce more for less!


Preventive measures that save lives

Goats & Sheeps

The Key Factors to Consider when Feeding Goats


Modified Requirements for Official Information Due to Covid-19